The need for action is clear: We should have done more yesterday!

The need for action is one of the main drivers for developing the Plastic trawl. The ocean is not a wet landfill, it is our pantry today and even more in the future. Yes, we know it is a huge job. However, think about it: Every plastic bag removed makes the ocean a little bit healthier.

If you are not engaged already, this is the day that your contribution begins!

What to do

This is what you do:

  • Tell your family and friends about your dedication to remove plastic waste.
  • You will find others that share your conviction and there are probably one or more NGSs that share your vision of a plastic free environment.
  • Find out where you can deliver plastic waste. (It’s no good idea to collect plastic waste and leave it on the shore…)
  • If you walk along the beach, you will find plastic litter. But you will probably also find a tiny boat. Ask the owner about a companyship.
  • Maybe you will need an external sponsor or some sort of deal with local authorities to finance your idealistic project?
  • Take contact with the local/national Clear Ocean dealer or send us an email about your preparedness. We will help you to get in contact with relevant people, NGO or govern authority.

The combination of trawling and beach cleaning is optimal. In far too many places you will find plastic waste to collect. You may have to organize common efforts on a more regular basis, one a week, once a month or what will be propriate.