Look around you: You’ll find plastic waste wherever you go. Far too much of it ends up in the sea, in rivers, in channels, in ports, along the beaches and in the open sea. Millions of tons every year.

The UN claims that more than 300 million tons of plastic are produced every year. Most is never recycled and remains on shore and in the oceans forever. There must be a change!

UN sdg 14 plastic ocean

UN Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water / Plastic Ocean

Global problem

Plastic waste at sea is a global problem. The density varies a lot, from the Barents Sea where you find one plastic item per “football stadium” to the most polluted ports where you nearly can walk on the floating garbage.

Lack of alternatives

Certainly, one has to stop the pollution at the source. However, that will take time because the infrastructure to handle the garbage from households and businesses isn’t there. In desperation or resignation, the garbage is left “on the corner” or directly thrown into the sea. Others will have to take the cost of renovate, cultivate and regenerate the stuff.

You will find tons of plastic waste in all beaches – on the surface and if you dig into the sand. You find plastic waste in the marine habitat in most places on earth.

YOU can make a difference

This can’t continue. We have to unite our effort to do something about this.
Clear Ocean is a part of the solution. YOU can be the next important part of it!
Join in and be a part of the global initiatives for a clean ocean.