Clear Ocean in super cooperation

NOSCA workshop 2022.
Productive workshop, arranged by NOSCA

How can we avoid plastic in the fjords, from blasting of stone in/from tunnels? A complicated question.  But we found an answer.

The thing is: Around the city of Bergen there is mountains. Many of them – all over, you may say. So what can we do if we want a new railway and road? We build them in – yes, in the mountains. Our surrounding mountains are like a number of Swiss cheeses.  But as you blast the mountain into stones and dust, there will also be some plastics left from the explosives. The stones, dust and plastics are planned to be tipped into a fjord 400 m deep. But we do not want the plastic to float up to the surface and be distributed to the fjord by wind and tide.  So, how can we avoid this?

This easy question was the reason for a very productive workshop, arranged by NOSCA and facilitated by PwC in Bergen. But yes, we found many solutions on every step in the process. We want to test our concept(s) in a full-scale trial.  If we succeed, Clear Ocean will be part of a wonderful consortium that can provide a number of clients in a number of critical fields/markets.